A SPECIAL TRICK written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer. Hardbound/NO DJ  -        Dial Press - 1970 First Edition, 1st Print. 34 pages.

       Once Upon a Time  there was an children's writer and artist by the name of Mercer Mayer who created incredible works of humor, artistry and magic. This Mercer Mayer created such books as ONE MONSTER AFTER ANOTHER, PROFESSOR WORMBOGGLE and of course, WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A KANGAROO?  Unfortunately that Mercer Mayer went away and was replaced by a cottage industry that cranks out the LITTLE CRITTER line and its various spin-offs.

This book comes from the first Mercer Mayer - a wondefully illustrated Sorcerer's Apprentice inspired tale that entertains the adult reading the book aloud as the child that hears it. We wore out a couple of copies raising our three daughters who just had to take it to school much to the delight of teachers and classmates alike!